Mine has 28 inch. Just to add to my confusion the gun also has stamped in tiny letters on the action, where the metal curves under the wood just above the trigger I hope that makes sense J PIROTTE. Of course it’s easy but probably not too easy on a Monday evening. And I thought the idea of a forum like this was to seek views and opinion from other members. Wow that’s alot of info, I am no browning expert I cant even figure out what model mine is Or it was made in japan engraved in belgium? The date your browning site seems to be more for the US market than european browning UK details arent easy to find but they will be out there somewhere. It’s the same gun! I was told it was a B26 but I cannot find any reference to that model, plenty on the B25 and B27 but no B The serial number seems to indicate the information given in the OP but I cannot seem to get any further.

1967? Browning BAR .308

Your browser is out of date and may not be able to properly display our website. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. Would you like to visit Browning International? Now you can date your Browning firearm.

John M. Browning’s last design before his passing, the Browning Superposed, is a fine over/under shotgun that holds a good deal of collector.

Original production dates were [1]. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, all production of the Superposed halted from until , when post-war production resumed and lasted until when the model underwent major changes [1]. The original goal of keeping the shotgun low-priced was met when the gun was introduced, and the Superposed stayed reasonably affordable for about the first 30 years of production.

By the mid to late ‘s, however, rising Belgian labor costs the gun was made by FN in Belgium began to price it out of the market. In the Superposed was dropped from the regular Browning catalog due to the effects of inflation, but it is offered to this day in a myriad of grades or as a completely bespoke gun from the FN Custom Shop. John Browning’s untimely death in November came before some of the final details of the gun, in particular the single selective trigger mechanism that he wanted for the Superposed, had been finished.

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The first letter of the code identifes the month, the other letter s identify the year. The first two numbers represent the week of manufacture, the last two numbers indicate the year. Mine is July 24 and no yellow band. Your annual membership will bring you in contact with those who share your Remington interests. Please use the search bar at the bottom of this page to lookup your guitar’s manufacture date.

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Please login or register. Advertise Here. So I went to the Browning website and was just trying to determine the age of the gun but couldn’t find a serial number that made sense. I found the serial number that is under the top lever. Its just a 5 digit number Seems that all the “date your gun” info from Browning serial numbers are all alphanumeric.

It does not have adjustable chokes and in order to fire the 2nd barrel the safety has to be placed back on safe and then switched to the fire position. Any help would be appreciated! You dry firing or with live rounds? Probably needs a good cleaning in the boilerhouse. Does it have “made in Belgium ” stamped on the barrell? I plan to clean it here soon before I go test it out, but at the moment it seems like it was cleaned pretty well before it was tucked away.

On the bottom of the receiver about 2″ above the trigger group there is a small half dollar size engraving that says “Lightning Browning”. So that’s why I was looking at the Citori’s.

John Browning

I knew from the moment I saw his reaction, I messed up. Judging from the look of the TSA officer watching the monitor as my backpack goes through the scanner at security, I knew I was in trouble. Shaking his head, as he motioned for me to come to him, I took a deep breath. My stupid hydroflask was full of water.

· Superposed Type: =12 gauge =20 gauge =28 gauge bore · Date of Manufacture is a two digit code: Z=1, Y=2, X=3, W=4, V=5, T=6,​.

Order by:. Available to:. Browning Superposed Spare Parts. Superposed 12 20 28 Rifles. It has been carefully Decorate your home or office. Buy two and give the other unique ad as a gift for that special hard to buy for someone. We are celebrating our 15th year on eBay. Be sure to check out our daily deals! We have a HUGE selection of ads. US Shipping. Vintage ad 1 for Browning Superposed shotgun over and under.

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I have an FN superposed 12 gauge shotgun, I belive it’s a model Liege, the The serial number 13XX indicates a 1st year Superposed ().

These early guns are of incredibly high quality and this gun made with sideclips, auto-ejectors, double triggers, and auto-safety. The gun is near full coverage engraved in fantastic detailed scroll and game scenes as seen in the photos. Gun is very lightweight and handles like a wand. Beautiful original stocks with fine checkering are nicely figured. Housed in a green canvas, green felt interior case with leather appointments. Bores are brilliant and shiny and mechanics are crisp.

Francotte — 20E, 20ga. Not a screw has been turned. Untouched great gun, splinter forend. A Great, Great untouched gun. Serial number Choke Left:. Minimum Wall Thickness Left:.

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That amazing genius John M. For this shotgun to be a success, he knew it needed the best workmanship possible for high-quantity production. He was familiar with the various European designs and wanted to make improvements. It was a slow process, and it was before his design was finished and a patent applied for and granted. Browning had a long relationship with FN in Belgium.

Firearms, Standard Catalog of Browning Firearms and similar books Limited production run of 3, pistols, with special serial number from “1 of ” ​caliber superposed load percussion pistol, with an average barrel length of 3”.

The Browning Citori is an excellent shotgun, and can be purchased, in most communities, for very modest sums. If you go to www. Im selling a few of my rare Brownings from my collection. Browning celebrates John M. Fox Shotgun. The Grade I models are quite available in the US on the used market. Poulin’s Antiques and Auctions, Inc.

Investment Grade Firearms. Add to Wish List. This is a Round Knob Long Tang buttstock with the”Y” configuration top and the long tang trigger guard mortise on the bottom. Browning introduced the Citori over-under shotgun in , and it has become extremely popular among hunters and clay target shooters. The matchlock shown here was made around , and is typical of the muskets used by militia in Colonial America. Cheaper Than Dirt! The Feather Lightning version was introduced in and was produced until

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It has gone through many configurations in the years and is currently still in production through the Browning International Custom Shop. The information below is critical must have knowledge necessary for ordering parts, wood, and barrels for your Browning Superposed. All other numbers represent production sequence only and are used by the factory to denote what barrel set is paired with an individual receiver.

We have most owner’s manuals online. Date, Historic Information, Serial Number Info. , Production of the Superposed 12 ga. began.

Long story short. I was always in awe of it. Dad was meticulous caring for it. About he sent it back to Browning for a complete restoration He died in and the gun ended up with my SIL and she gave it to her dog trainer in Ohio as payment for training services She knew we were all angry since she did this and FINALLY the gun showed up at an FFL and my son was contacted for a package pick up.

No one knew what the package was until it was picked up as it was marked secret gift. I printed out the Superposed “Date you shotgun” info from Browning but am still confused. The serial is XX V3 Can anyone offer up some help? Thank you. Browning numbers are more than a little confusing. I pulled my hair out too when I dated mine. After looking at the Browning chart, I wish you had blocked out the final numbers and not the first two.

Also, are you sure it’s “V3” and not “3V”? Perhaps the order of placing the number with the V wasn’t ironclad?

Browning Age Lookup

Train routes and the three main parts of this. Upcoming open house dates and if the browning hi-power. Local gunshop got in order to the browning hi power. The power bolt-action, pick up lines for dating numbers are estimates only.

This area will help you read dating browning hi power serial number. production models such as the Auto-5 and Superposed shotguns were not included due.

Gun serial number lookup value. Automag II Serial Numbers Posted: 29 Jun at am Your gun may or may not have come with a disclaimer that states to use the Colt’s Manufacturing Company – firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers. They have several purposes, one which makes your item identifiable to the manufacturer in case of defects or warranties, while it can also be used to track any lost or stolen goods. Isn’t that outside the range of RR numbers? The reference chart I’ve been using says the last number made was There are a number of things I put on a check list to tell a Uberti frame from a USA made frame, and a “parts gun” labeled USFA but built on either frame with a mismatch of parts.

This serial number, as opposed to the hardware serial number the disk drive was manufactured with, is used by software applications to identify the drive and is sometimes used prevent multiple Winchester Firearms Manufacturing Dates by Serial Number and Year totally accurate database of serial numbers from forward that we are aware of. On the flat plate on the bottom of the gun, just rear of where the magazine is inserted, look for a letter, set of letters or a word.

Sell and buy firearms, accessories, collectibles such as handguns, shotguns, pistols, rifles and all hunting outdoor accessories. Only one out of every 11 million or so notes printed even has the chance to be a solid serial number. The firearm did have a serial number, as the manufacturer had utilized serial numbers on its firearms voluntarily. Styles Universals were popular due to their low price, and many people bought them from hardware stores, Sears, Wards, and other local gun sources back when Americans could buy guns in their neighborhoods.

The new serial number was hand stamped on top of the receiver behind the rear sight, in the vicinity of the prior serial number. The major components, such as the barrel, bolt, hammer, operating rod, safety, and trigger housing were stamped with a numeric drawing The second series had the letter “S” as a prefix to the serial number and was made from to

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