Wendy Tan-White sketched out the idea for Moonfruit, a company helping people and small businesses create their own websites, at her kitchen table in But when the tech bubble burst they were forced to fire their 60 staff – including Tan-White’s mother-in-law. The entrepreneur was one of the poster stars of the Government’s Business In You campaign, launched this year to encourage UK businesses to grow. Tan-White said of her windfall. The deal sees her stay on at Yell for at least two years. I’m looking forward to enjoying the space to think about what to do next. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Moonfruit Review: Overview

A Moonfruit has established an on-line software toolkit and web-hosting facilities, which allow registered individuals, groups and businesses to set up their own web-based sites and communities. Services are offered via www. The headings in these Conditions are inserted only for convenience and shall not affect their construction. Where appropriate, words denoting a singular number only shall include the plural and vice versa and words referring to an individual shall include a firm or company as appropriate and vice versa.

Save for the licence granted under this clause 2 the Agent will not obtain any Intellectual Property Rights under this Agreement. Commission will not be payable;.

Ready to create a website by yourself using the Moonfruit website The templates may not be the most up to date in website fashion, but they.

There is an annoying font switch on loading moonfruit websites in the first several seconds. Is this something thats going to be corrected in future? Hi, can you please confirm an example site where you have seen this occur? And could you also confirm what browser you are using? If you’d prefer, you can chat to our support team about this directly.

I get exactly the same thing on the responsive site www. Load any page and the nav menu often first briefly loads in a Times Roman style font and then changes to the specified font. Has happened since outset. I’m using the latest version of Chome on a Chromebook and a 64 bit, Windows10 Desktop. I contacted Moonfruit support about this issue, and sent them a video of it happening to my site.

There is no timescale quoted, so it may be some time before it is fixed. There is a possible workaround, this is what they have told me:. If you stick purely to fonts above the dotted line things will be fine. The problem arises when you use the ‘Google Font’ listed below the dotted line

Moonfruit Review

Looking for an affordable, easy-to-use site builder? Read our review of Moonfruit to get all the facts you need to help you in your search. Last Updated on August 5, Nowadays, having a website is crucial for business success. But, hiring a web developer and a designer to get your site up and running may not always be feasible. Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there that allow you to create your own site, without having any coding experience.

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They refunded the payment and refused the rest even though it was their mistake customer services just gave me the same response to every email – am left disappointed and will never be using this company again. I have been with Moonfruit for a lot of years with one break in between. Absolutely terrible. I have had dealings with a number of websites but this is truly the worst. It is totally incomprehensible and the instruction are useless.

I cannot find a way of contacting them by email or chat as their chat does not work.

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A weird thing happened to Twitter in early July. It was called moonfruit and it grabbed on to users attention and refused to let go. You may have even tweeted it yourself. On June 30th, Moonfruit decided to celebrate its 10 year anniversary with a contest giveaway. Ten Macbook Pros would be raffled off for a series of 7 days originally 10 via a random drawing. The terms were simple and the prize very attractive.

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About Moonfruit. Or get a professional designer and copywriter to build it for you at an affordable rate, with Moonfruit KickStart. JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. This could prevent your cashback tracking and website functionality. Please enable it to continue. OnCard Cashback. Mobile App. Trending Now. Compare Energy, Broadband, and Insurance.

Browser Extension. Already a member? Moonfruit Cashback Offers. Get money back every time you shop with Moonfruit. Sign up for free and just shop as normal.

Moonfruit Review

It is possible to build a functional, eCommerce-friendly website with Moonfruit. However, in many ways, this builder still lags behind its competitors and requires serious upgrading to make it more modern. For a more intuitive, and up-to-date builder, try Wix. Founded in , Moonfruit has been around longer than other well-known website builders, such as Strikingly and Squarespace.

Just like other builders, Moonfruit lets you create a responsive website without any programming knowledge required. While anyone can build a functional and good-looking website at very competitive rates using Moonfruit, this builder still lacks the ease of use and seamlessness exhibited by more modern site builders.


A few weeks ago, we wrote about a promotion from website builder Squarespace , where the company offered up 30 iPhones in 30 days to be randomly awarded to users who included squarespace with their tweets. The campaign worked in getting exposure – squarespace was on top of trending topics for several days in a row — but we took issue with some of the messaging, as in reality, users were getting gift cards, not iPhones. Commenters had mixed reactions — some questioned how we could complain about something free and we did ourselves in the article!

In any event, rival website builder Moonfruit has launched their own version of a hashtag-based campaign, and seems to have avoided the problems we saw with the Squarespace promotion. Like the Squarespace promo, Moonfruit is offering up free Apple products for tweeting their company name as a hashtag: moonfruit. Not surprisingly, this promotion is working.

The lesson is becoming pretty clear: free stuff works as well on Twitter and perhaps even better thanks to Trending Topics as on the rest of the Web. We’re using cookies to improve your experience. Find out more. Entertainment Like Follow.

Moonfruit Website Builder Review

Academy learn what is a successful employer brand. You in about their accounts on the. Dating oriented websites that it comes to achieve this website builder, app to the matchmaking process, is the big day! Consider limiting the problem with some of happy customers. It has been rated as well as a domain name, specialized dating website themes best dating profile taglines a feature for photo sharing. Customize it with multimedia features and free when it by using wix.

The newest look on of Moonfruit website builder ➤ All about: Plans, Themes & Platform. Click to It’s easy to set up regular articles and posts by date. Visitors.

Updates Subscribe. July 18 , Since launching the v6 migrate EAP Early Access Preview a couple of weeks ago, many of you have flown over to v6 and with impressive results, it seems. For those yet to take the plunge or should that be flight? And it has been worth it, especially with the Facebook shop integration and a faster loading site, which means more customers are more likely to return.

The results are great, I love my new site. Her advice to others considering whether to go ahead and migrate? Go for it! Coach House Home. Riverside Flowers.

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Moonfruit has been around for a long time, but its current products disappoint in almost every area. Our advice? Move on — there’s nothing here that deserves your attention or cash.

We do our best to keep technical information accurate and up to date, so you can Moonfruit gives you a chance to redo the style and format of your site so it.

Moonfruit, the London-based website building platform, has relaunched its service by introducing a range of new features including third-party apps, a social media image search and improved chat-based support. Back in , if you needed a website, you either hired a designer or bought a massive book with a CD strapped inside.

This was until Moonfruit co-founders, Eirik Petterson, Wendy Tan White and Joe White, created a platform to let regular folk build something without all the fuss. The mission was a simple one, to democratise the web and help people to launch new ideas quickly, regardless of how wild they were. From Flash-based DIY sites, through to subscriptions and packages which included your own designer.

Third-Party Apps A rebuilt responsive page editor now integrates with a range of business tools and services.

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