We first met in It was not long after he entered politics. We met socially and I remember he was explaining to me how he was consciously staying away from making speeches on shipping matters because he was from NOL Neptune Orient Lines and he wanted to broaden out and talk about other subjects. Soon after I met him, I went away to the US to study. So, I asked Mr Goh and he sent me some slides of activities in Marine Parade, a kite-flying competition, something you won’t find in America and it added something to letting the Americans know us. He was my minister. I would brief him regularly. Then I entered Cabinet and he was a colleague and then, he was the Prime Minister.

Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew dies at 91

Every f-bomb she and her brother, local rapper, Subhas Nair, dropped in the viral video was meant to emphasise that Chinese people in Singapore remain blind to casual racism—and even reinforce it—because of our privilege. The video was put out in response to an epaysg. The e-Pay ad was ill-conceived, insulting, insensitive, and lazy. After all, they could have easily gotten a Malay and Indian person, but they chose to go with a Chinese person to portray those two minority races.

The ad revealed how intrinsic casual racism is to the fabric of our society. That it was approved at all also spoke volumes about the depth of ignorance present in, arguably, Chinese people.

iGen and Baby Boomer Multifamily Tech Must-Haves” at p.m. on Monday, December 4. Parks Associates is supporting Smart Summit Singapore. Industry Briefing, Technology Transfer Matchmaking, Executive Round Table.

Although still at an early stage as an organization, the cluster has had a promising start, successfully bridging the gap between business and government. Their strength has been converting Smart Cities issues into concrete business cases for companies. The two organizations are convinced that they are coming together at the right moment. It will enable the cluster to actively contribute to developing Flanders into a smart region. A bundled structure can also be the starting point for jumping from Flanders to Europe in the context of digitization.

All information about the Smart Cities Vlaanderen community and how to participate can be found on their website. Contact info smartcities. Smart Cities Vlaanderen is one of these innovative business networks. On one side, low garages, probably for the apartment buildings on the busier parallel street. On the other side, a newbuild of pleasing dark brick and street-level windows starting at your shoulder. LACROIX Group has just concluded a strategic deal by acquiring the Belgian start-up Smartnodes, a small company founded on inter-university research which has won numerous international awards for its innovations in Smart Lighting systems.

This start-up, with around fifteen employees, strengthens the European position of LACROIX Group in the Smart Cities market, complementing its offer related to the intelligent management of street lighting infrastructure. With Smartnodes, the group is expanding its offer thanks to dynamic products at the cutting edge of technology, while also strengthening its highly skilled engineering teams. In doing so, it aims to accelerate its ability to implement new road-management use cases by harnessing street lighting infrastructure with dynamic technology.

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On March 5th we will be hosting intimate conversations with four female founders, who will share not only the successes but failures they have encountered, how they overcame untold challenges and the unexpected wins that inspire and continue to drive them. In between long days in the lab and writing up her thesis, Ee-ling loved to shop for fabric and make her own clothes. When she became a young mother, Ee-ling began making one-of-kind pieces for her three children and herself.

What started as a hobby then grew into The Missing Piece.

government’s foray into matchmaking for Singapore’s brightest – to create smarter babies – led to perceptions of excessive state interference.

The report also includes a synopsis of recent work on trade diversification. Find out which sectors have seen the most benefit and how the Trade Commissioner Service TCS can help with entry to the market. MindBridge Analytics Inc. There are a variety of issues Canadians face when seeking to expand their businesses internationally. One way the Government of Canada helps to reduce and eliminate trade barriers is by negotiating preferential access to world markets through comprehensive free trade agreements FTAs.

Metamaterial Technologies Inc. Recent data suggests that an increasing amount of Indigenous companies in Canada are diversifying to new markets abroad, even more so than their counterparts. For him, this also means making meaningful connections between the Maori community and Indigenous businesses in Canada.

Singapore succeeds at managing everything – except dating

VivaTech is an unmissable chance to engage with a huge audience, discover new business partners, generate buzz, and attract funding from new investors. Who knows where this step will take you? The PL1 app allows free betting by a simple swipe on all kind of future events from tomorrow’s weather to Trump’s impeachment , then share one’s predictions, and produce prospective data.

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government’s foray into matchmaking for Singapore’s brightest – to create smarter babies – led to perceptions of excessive state interference.

Lee Kuan Yew was a chain-smoker until , puffing away two packs a day. Then he lost his voice in the middle of campaigning for a City Council election and could not thank voters. He quit cold turkey, suffering withdrawal symptoms for a fortnight. By the s, he was allergic to tobacco smoke. So smoking was banned in his office and the Cabinet room. In the s, an anti-smoking campaign banned cigarette advertising in Singapore. Progressively, there was less and less public space for smokers to have their puff.

Question: Did Mr Lee create a Singapore in his own image? Did he socially engineer and shape the behaviour of a nation according to his fastidious preferences? It is impossible to tease out where a leader’s preferences begin, and where a country’s values end. The prerogative of a leader after all is to shape an organisation, a country, according to his will.

Mr Lee was notoriously fussy about order and cleanliness.

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s founder and first prime minister, dies at 91

In a typical American classroom, there are nearly as many diagnosable cases of ADHD as there are of the common cold. In , researchers from the Slone Epidemiology Center at Boston University found that almost 10 percent of children use cold remedies at any given time. The rising number of ADHD cases over the past four decades is staggering.

One eye-opening study showed that ADHD medications were being administered to as many as 17 percent of males in two school districts in southeastern Virginia in With numbers like these, we have to wonder if aspects of the disorder parallel childhood itself. So what leads parents to dismiss a hunch that their child may be having difficulty acquiring effective social skills or may be slower to mature emotionally than most other kids and instead accept a diagnosis of ADHD?

that Chinese people in Singapore remain blind to casual racism. the government to baby us, so never let me hear about being a smart.

We analyze resistance markers in bacteria from whole genome sequences as well as do relational analysis between samples. In just minutes hospitals get extensive information that can be used for high resolution outbreak tracing and antibiotic resistance profiling. The results are generated directly from the raw reads and requires no special skills or handling by the user. Aalborg University Hospital handles highly specialized regional functions for approximately , inhabitants, including parts of Texas, region features approximately , inhabitants and basic hospital functions — apart from selected elective surgery — about , inhabitants.

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Admera Health is a molecular diagnostics company focused on personalized medicine.

Singapore mourns founding father Lee Kuan Yew

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Lee, who ruled the republic from to , is seen as the founding father of Singapore, transforming the remote island port into a global financial and business center. Lee died in Singapore General Hospital early Monday, local time, after weeks of complications with pneumonia. The prime minister’s office released a statement saying it was “deeply grieved” at Lee’s passing. Co-founder of the People’s Action Party, Lee was a Cambridge-educated lawyer who oversaw the development of Singapore after it gained autonomy from Britain in and following its merger and subsequent split with Malaysia in In order to counter the city-state’s lack of natural resources, Lee advocated a well-educated English-speaking workforce and introduced incentives to attract outside interests, specifically from the United States, turning the republic into a center for manufacturing and foreign investment.

The Central Intelligence Agency describes modern Singapore as a “highly developed and successful free-market economy” that “enjoys a remarkably open and corruption-free environment, stable prices, and a per capita GDP higher than that of most developed countries. Singapore is “ideology-free,” with a “very keen sense of what is possible, and what is not,” Lee told The New York Times in a interview.

Lee faced criticism, however, on what some saw as repressive control over freedom of the press, the targeting of political opponents in state courts, and frivolous laws , such as a ban on chewing gum and the state-controlled matchmaking of intelligent Singaporeans in order to produce smarter babies. Lee said in that the laws were designed to change the habits of Singaporeans “so that they behaved more like first-world citizens, not like third-world citizens spitting and littering all over the place.

At a rally in Lee said whoever governs Singapore must have either have “iron in him” or “give it up. World News. By Fred Lambert.

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Florent Menegaux, Speaker. Pierre Cannet, Moderator. Kotchakorn Voraakhom, Speaker.

Singapore and Sydney. At the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), we believe young people are ambitious, creative and capable of rethinking the world and.

Updates on my research and expository papers, discussion of open problems, and other maths-related topics. By Terence Tao. Better beware of notions like genius and inspiration; they are a sort of magic wand and should be used sparingly by anybody who wants to see things clearly. The answer is an emphatic NO. And yes, a reasonable amount of intelligence, patience , and maturity is also required. The popular image of the lone and possibly slightly mad genius — who ignores the literature and other conventional wisdom and manages by some inexplicable inspiration enhanced, perhaps, with a liberal dash of suffering to come up with a breathtakingly original solution to a problem that confounded all the experts — is a charming and romantic image, but also a wildly inaccurate one, at least in the world of modern mathematics.

We do have spectacular, deep and remarkable results and insights in this subject, of course, but they are the hard-won and cumulative achievement of years, decades, or even centuries of steady work and progress of many good and great mathematicians; the advance from one stage of understanding to the next can be highly non-trivial, and sometimes rather unexpected, but still builds upon the foundation of earlier work rather than starting totally anew.

If someone affects to do so, I advise you to be very sceptical of their claims. Of course, even if one dismisses the notion of genius, it is still the case that at any given point in time, some mathematicians are faster, more experienced, more knowledgeable, more efficient, more careful, or more creative than others. As long as you have education, interest , and a reasonable amount of talent, there will be some part of mathematics where you can make a solid and useful contribution.

It might not be the most glamorous part of mathematics , but actually this tends to be a healthy thing; in many cases the mundane nuts-and-bolts of a subject turn out to actually be more important than any fancy applications. Also, if one is accustomed to easy success, one may not develop the patience necessary to deal with truly difficult problems see also this talk by Peter Norvig for an analogous phenomenon in software engineering.

Talent is important, of course; but how one develops and nurtures it is even more so.

TaFF X CRIB International Women’s Day Celebration

While the specific details of the Intel complaint are confidential due to a substantial amount of highly confidential business information, the filing asserts that the KFTC has made substantial factual and legal errors in formulating its final written opinion. Furthermore, Intel has expressed concern that the KFTC failed to understand the dynamics, pricing and competition in the microprocessor market.

Intel also believes that the KFTC has misinterpreted or chose to ignore large amounts of economic evidence and analysis demonstrating the ultimate benefit to consumers from the reduced prices and increased performance of Intel’s microprocessors. Proceeding directly to a formal complaint will permit a court to review the case in its entirety and reach an independent decision.

The courses are an extension of government matchmaking programs that try to babies and too few of those who are belong to what Singapore “Our government wants smart ladies to meet smart guys to get smart children.

Acosta et al. Accepting differences for an inclusive society , Singapore Management University. Accounting flexibility and managers’ forecast behavior prior to seasoned equity offerings , Jae Bum KIM. A cluster identification framework illustrated by a filtering model for earthquake occurrences , Zhengxiao WU. A coming of age for mediation in Singapore? Adaptability in socio-political contexts: Moving beyond ability and intelligence , Singapore Management University.

Did Mr Lee Kuan Yew create a Singapore in his own image?

For all the latest Cayman, Caribbean and International Stories plus cartoons and puzzles. Lee, who died Monday at the age of 91, was in power for 31 years. Alden McLaughlin. Like any great leader his view was to the future, ensuring that Singapore was free of corruption and all races were treated equally. The stability that Lee helped create in Singapore raised the standard of living and enabled growth and development.

UPDATE: Cayman Islands premier sends condolences on Singapore matchmaking for Singapore’s brightest – to create smarter babies – led.

Lee Kuan Yew, the statesman who transformed Singapore from a small port city into a wealthy global hub, has died at the age of The city-state’s prime minister for 31 years, he was widely respected as the architect of Singapore’s prosperity. But he was criticised for his iron grip on power. Under him freedom of speech was tightly restricted and political opponents were targeted by the courts.

Mr Lee oversaw Singapore’s independence from Britain and separation from Malaysia. The announcement of his death came in the early hours of Monday. The PAP said in a statement on Facebook: “While we mourn the passing of one of the greatest leaders of our party, we celebrate his incalculable contributions to Singapore and its people. Singapore’s President Tony Tan has written an open letter of condolence in which he describes Mr Lee as “the architect of our modern republic”.

Mr Lee, a Cambridge-educated lawyer, led Singapore through merger with, and then separation from, Malaysia — something that he described as a “moment of anguish”.